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DAEHWA LS-TM-Exd Float Level Switch

DAEHWA LS-TM-Exd Float Level Switch: Precision and Safety in Hazardous Environments


In industries where volatile substances are handled, such as petrochemical, oil and gas, and chemical processing, precise level monitoring is crucial for maintaining both operational efficiency and safety. The DAEHWA LS-TM-Exd Float Level Switch stands out as a specialized solution designed to meet the stringent demands of hazardous environments. This article explores the features, applications, and significance of the DAEHWA LS-TM-Exd Float Level Switch in ensuring accurate and secure level detection in potentially explosive atmospheres.

Understanding the DAEHWA LS-TM-Exd Float Level Switch

The DAEHWA LS-TM-Exd Float Level Switch is an intrinsically safe level detection device engineered for use in hazardous areas where flammable gases, vapors, or dusts are present. With its Exd (Explosion-Proof) certification, this switch offers a combination of reliability, accuracy, and safety, making it suitable for critical applications in challenging environments.

Key Features

  1. Explosion-Proof Design: The LS-TM-Exd is built to prevent the ignition of flammable substances in its vicinity, ensuring the safety of the equipment and personnel.

  2. Intrinsically Safe Components: All electrical components within the switch are designed to limit electrical energy and prevent sparks or arcs that could ignite explosive atmospheres.

  3. Highly Accurate: With a float-based mechanism, the switch provides accurate level detection while minimizing the risk of false readings or alarms.

  4. Robust Construction: The device is designed to withstand harsh conditions, including temperature fluctuations and exposure to corrosive substances.

  5. Multiple Mounting Options: The LS-TM-Exd offers flexibility in installation with various mounting options, allowing it to adapt to different tank configurations.

  6. Wide Compatibility: It can be customized with different materials for the float, ensuring compatibility with a range of liquids and chemicals.


The DAEHWA LS-TM-Exd Float Level Switch is especially suited for hazardous environments:

  1. Oil and Gas: It is employed in oil refineries and drilling platforms to monitor levels of oil, chemicals, and other substances while ensuring safety in potentially explosive atmospheres.

  2. Chemical Processing: The switch is used to manage levels of hazardous chemicals in storage tanks, ensuring proper inventory management and safety.

  3. Petrochemical Industry: The LS-TM-Exd contributes to efficient and safe operations by providing accurate level detection in storage and processing tanks.

  4. Pharmaceuticals: In pharmaceutical manufacturing, it helps maintain consistent levels of volatile substances, contributing to quality and process control.

  5. Power Generation: The device plays a role in fuel storage and handling systems in power plants, enhancing safety and operational reliability.


  1. Safety Compliance: With its Exd certification, the switch meets stringent safety standards for use in hazardous locations, reducing the risk of explosions.

  2. Precise Monitoring: The switch offers accurate level detection, ensuring efficient processes and preventing equipment damage due to overflows or underfills.

  3. Long-Term Reliability: Its robust design and durable construction contribute to its longevity, minimizing maintenance needs.

  4. Optimized Workflow: By preventing false alarms and ensuring accurate readings, the switch helps streamline operations and prevent unnecessary interruptions.

  5. Regulatory Compliance: In industries with strict regulations for hazardous environments, the switch assists in meeting safety and compliance requirements.


The DAEHWA LS-TM-Exd Float Level Switch represents a critical advancement in the realm of hazardous environment instrumentation. By combining accurate level detection with intrinsically safe design, this device plays a vital role in ensuring operational efficiency and the safety of personnel and assets in industries prone to explosive atmospheres. The LS-TM-Exd demonstrates DAEHWA's commitment to engineering solutions that enable industries to operate effectively while minimizing risks in even the most challenging conditions.


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