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For Sale: Fellow Kogyo LIC-75C Capacitance Level Controller

Contact: Worldwide Delivery For Sale: Fellow Kogyo LIC-75C Capacitance Level Controller available for sale

Fellow Kogyo LIC-75C Capacitance Level Controller available.


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Fellow Kogyo LIC-75C Capacitance Level Controller

Fellow Kogyo LIC-75C Capacitance Level Controller: Precision in Level Measurement and Control


In industries where liquid level management is crucial for efficient operations, the Fellow Kogyo LIC-75C Capacitance Level Controller stands as a testament to advanced engineering. This innovative device offers a comprehensive solution for accurate level measurement and control, ensuring optimal processes and enhancing safety across various applications. In this article, we delve into the features, applications, and advantages of the Fellow Kogyo LIC-75C Capacitance Level Controller.

Exploring the Fellow Kogyo LIC-75C Capacitance Level Controller

The Fellow Kogyo LIC-75C Capacitance Level Controller utilizes advanced capacitance measurement technology to accurately determine the level of liquids in tanks, reservoirs, and other containers. By capitalizing on the changes in capacitance between a probe and the liquid, the controller offers precise level detection and control capabilities.

Key Features

  1. Capacitance Measurement: The LIC-75C employs capacitance as its measuring principle, ensuring high accuracy and sensitivity in level detection.

  2. Multiple Probe Options: The controller offers various probe configurations, allowing users to choose the best fit for their application and desired measurement range.

  3. Digital Display: Equipped with a digital display, the controller provides real-time level information, facilitating easy monitoring and adjustments.

  4. Adjustable Sensitivity: Users can often adjust the sensitivity of the capacitance measurement to suit different liquid types and environmental conditions.

  5. High Reliability: Fellow Kogyo's commitment to quality engineering ensures the controller's reliability, reducing maintenance needs and downtime.

  6. Analog and Digital Outputs: The LIC-75C features both analog and digital outputs, enabling seamless integration with various control and monitoring systems.


The Fellow Kogyo LIC-75C Capacitance Level Controller finds applications in diverse industries:

  1. Chemical Processing: It ensures accurate level monitoring and control in chemical storage tanks, preventing overflows and underfills.

  2. Food and Beverage: In food and beverage production, the controller contributes to consistent ingredient levels, enhancing process efficiency.

  3. Water Treatment: The device helps maintain optimal water levels in treatment plants, ensuring efficient water distribution and storage.

  4. Oil and Gas: It plays a critical role in monitoring liquid levels in oil and gas storage tanks, preventing costly spills and overflows.

  5. Pharmaceuticals: In pharmaceutical manufacturing, the controller ensures precise liquid levels in critical processes, supporting quality control.


  1. High Accuracy: The capacitance measurement principle provides accurate level detection, contributing to precise process control.

  2. Versatile Probe Options: With a range of probe configurations, the controller can be adapted to various tank sizes and liquid properties.

  3. Real-Time Monitoring: The digital display offers real-time information, enabling operators to make timely adjustments if necessary.

  4. Enhanced Safety: Accurate level control prevents overflows and underfills, minimizing the risk of accidents and damage to equipment.

  5. Process Optimization: The controller's reliable measurements support process optimization by ensuring consistent levels and efficient resource utilization.


The Fellow Kogyo LIC-75C Capacitance Level Controller exemplifies the synergy of advanced technology and industrial needs. By harnessing the power of capacitance measurement, this device enables accurate and reliable level detection, thereby enhancing operational efficiency and safety across a spectrum of industries. Fellow Kogyo's dedication to precision, adaptability, and performance underscores its commitment to delivering solutions that meet the evolving demands of modern liquid level management.


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