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For Sale: Fellow Kogyo LIC-75 level switch controller

Contact: Worldwide Delivery Fellow Kogyo LIC-75 level switch controller available for sale

Fellow Kogyo LIC-75 level switch controller available.


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Fellow Kogyo LIC-75 level switch controller

Exploring the Efficiency and Reliability of the Fellow Kogyo LIC-75 Level Switch Controller


In the realm of industrial automation, accurate and efficient level monitoring is paramount for maintaining process integrity and preventing costly downtime. The Fellow Kogyo LIC-75 Level Switch Controller stands as a testament to cutting-edge technology, offering a reliable solution for fluid level detection and control in a wide range of applications. This article delves into the features, capabilities, and benefits of the Fellow Kogyo LIC-75 Level Switch Controller, shedding light on its significance in modern industrial settings.

State-of-the-Art Level Monitoring

The Fellow Kogyo LIC-75 Level Switch Controller has established itself as a versatile and advanced instrument for real-time level monitoring. This controller is designed to facilitate seamless control over liquid levels in tanks, reservoirs, pipelines, and various other industrial systems. Its ability to accurately detect and manage fluid levels makes it an indispensable component in sectors such as manufacturing, chemical processing, water treatment, and oil and gas.

Key Features

  1. Reliable Sensing Technology: The LIC-75 employs robust sensing mechanisms that ensure accurate and consistent level detection. It uses a variety of sensors, such as capacitance, conductance, and ultrasonic sensors, to adapt to different liquid types and environmental conditions.

  2. Versatility: The controller's adaptability extends to its compatibility with a wide range of liquids, including corrosive substances and viscous fluids. This versatility makes it an ideal choice for industries with varying liquid requirements.

  3. User-Friendly Interface: The user interface of the LIC-75 is designed for simplicity and ease of use. The intuitive controls allow operators to configure and adjust settings without the need for extensive technical expertise.

  4. Multiple Output Options: The controller offers various output options, including relay outputs, analog outputs, and digital communications, allowing for seamless integration into existing control systems.

  5. Advanced Alarm Capabilities: Equipped with high and low-level alarms, the LIC-75 ensures immediate notifications when critical levels are reached, preventing overflow or low-level situations that could disrupt operations.

  6. Remote Monitoring: With optional remote monitoring and control capabilities, the controller enables operators to oversee and manage level conditions from a distance, enhancing efficiency and reducing the need for constant on-site presence.


  1. Enhanced Process Efficiency: The accurate level detection and control offered by the LIC-75 contribute to optimized processes. This leads to reduced waste, improved resource utilization, and increased production efficiency.

  2. Cost Savings: By preventing overflow and minimizing downtime due to inadequate fluid levels, the controller directly contributes to cost savings in terms of repairs, maintenance, and production loss.

  3. Safety: Ensuring proper fluid levels is vital to maintaining a safe working environment. The LIC-75's alarm functionalities help prevent hazardous situations and protect personnel and equipment.

  4. Compliance: Industries with strict regulatory standards can rely on the LIC-75 to assist in meeting compliance requirements related to fluid levels and process control.


The Fellow Kogyo LIC-75 Level Switch Controller has solidified its position as a pioneering solution for accurate and efficient level monitoring in industrial applications. Its reliability, versatility, and advanced features make it an essential tool for optimizing processes, minimizing downtime, and ensuring safety. As industries continue to evolve, this controller stands as a beacon of innovation, enhancing the way we manage and control fluid levels in complex systems.


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