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For Sale: Rotary Blower TSS 32 - Taiko Kikai Industries Co., Ltd.

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Rotary Blower TSS 32 - Taiko Kikai Industries Co., Ltd. | In Stock.

Item Name: Rotary Blower

Model/Type: TSS 32

Brand: Taiko Kikai Industries Co., Ltd.


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Rotary Blower TSS 32 - Taiko Kikai Industries Co., Ltd.
Rotary Blower TSS 32 - Taiko Kikai Industries Co., Ltd.
Rotary Blower TSS 32 - Taiko Kikai Industries Co., Ltd.
Rotary Blower TSS 32 - Taiko Kikai Industries Co., Ltd.
Rotary Blower TSS 32 - Taiko Kikai Industries Co., Ltd.
Rotary Blower TSS 32 - Taiko Kikai Industries Co., Ltd.
Rotary Blower TSS 32 by Taiko Kikai Industries Co., Ltd.: Revolutionizing Industrial Air Compression


In the realm of industrial processes, the efficient compression of air plays a pivotal role in various applications, from pneumatic systems to wastewater treatment. Taiko Kikai Industries Co., Ltd., a renowned manufacturer in the field of industrial equipment, has introduced the Rotary Blower TSS 32, a groundbreaking solution for air compression needs. In this article, we delve into the features, applications, and advantages of the Rotary Blower TSS 32, highlighting its impact on enhancing industrial operations.

Understanding the Rotary Blower TSS 32

The Rotary Blower TSS 32 is a cutting-edge air compression device designed to deliver high-performance air compression efficiently and reliably. It operates on a rotary principle, harnessing the power of twin rotors to compress air with minimal energy consumption and noise generation. This innovative technology has revolutionized industrial air compression, making it an essential component in various sectors.

Key Features
  1. Rotary Twin Rotor Technology: The TSS 32 utilizes twin rotors with precise clearances to compress air efficiently, ensuring consistent and reliable performance.

  2. High Efficiency: Renowned for its energy efficiency, this rotary blower reduces energy consumption, resulting in significant cost savings over time.

  3. Durable Construction: Engineered with robust materials and a design that minimizes wear, the TSS 32 is built to withstand the rigors of industrial environments.

  4. Low Noise Emission: Despite its powerful compression capabilities, the blower operates with minimal noise, promoting a quieter and more comfortable working environment.

  5. Compact Design: The TSS 32's compact form factor allows for versatile installation in various industrial settings, even where space is limited.


The Rotary Blower TSS 32 finds applications in numerous industrial sectors:

  1. Wastewater Treatment: It is used to provide aeration in wastewater treatment plants, ensuring efficient biological treatment processes.

  2. Pneumatic Conveying: The blower facilitates the transportation of bulk materials through pipelines in industries like agriculture, food processing, and chemicals.

  3. Aeration in Aquaculture: It is employed in aquaculture systems to maintain oxygen levels in fish tanks and ponds, promoting healthy fish growth.

  4. Pneumatic Tools: The blower powers pneumatic tools and equipment used in construction, manufacturing, and mining.

  5. General Industrial Processes: It provides compressed air for a wide range of industrial applications, including air agitation, product drying, and material handling.

  1. Energy Efficiency: The Rotary Blower TSS 32 significantly reduces energy consumption, resulting in lower operating costs.

  2. Reliability: Its robust construction and design ensure reliable, long-lasting performance with minimal maintenance requirements.

  3. Noise Reduction: The blower's low noise emissions improve the working environment and reduce the need for soundproofing measures.

  4. Versatility: The compact design and adaptability make it suitable for various industrial setups and applications.

  5. Environmental Benefits: Efficient air compression contributes to reduced energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

TAIKO is creating the tomorrow with a new concept A Roots blower, sometimes called a Positive Displacement, or PD blower, is a machine which "pushes" arelatively constant volume of the gas handled at the inlet through to the discharge. It applies to conditionsrequiring high vacuum or high pressure especially in the waste water treatment plant.The main purpose of the blower is to provide constant flow of gas at different pressures.The blower consists of a cast iron casing in which two rotors with conjugate shapes rotate and aresynchornised by a set of timing gears. During rotation, there is no contact between the lobes or betweenthe lobes and the casing.The conventional roots type rotary blowers, either two-lobe or three-lobe, have the same compressionmechanism that the compression occurs upon reverse-flowing of high pressure air instantly when therotor end is opened in line with the discharge opening. Such reverse flow and a rapid change in thecompression as involved in the above compression is the cause of noise. The helical construction ofthese blowers was designed to eliminate such noise. 1. The oil free type blowers TSS, TSA, SSR provides clean air supply without oil mist.2. Sturdy construction and high durability enables continuous operation.3. Simple construction, space-saving, light weight and ease of installation and easy maintenance.4. The helical port design enables superior noise reduction.5. Consumes lower power which leads to higher savings.6. Various air volumes required can be achieved by changing speed.7. Stable performance even under varying pressure conditions.8. Various base options makes it easier to replace other blowers models.9. Steady air flow to reduce vibration, noise and back flow pressure.10. Adequate clearance to ensure no contact between rotors and casing during operation for superior airflow efficiency.11. Dynamically balanced rotors in the fabrication stage for free of vibration.12. By minimizing discharge pressure pulsation, the load on the bearings and timing gears is significantly reduced for superior longer life. Rotor A: The suction side is open over the full length there of, and is about to close gradually. While, the discharge side is open half-way by opening gradually. Rotor B: The suction side is almost fully closed by closing gradually. While, the discharge side is not yet opened but is about to open. Rotor A: The suction side is a little more closed than Case[l], where the shaded triangle port is going smaller gradually along with the screen line of casing. While, discharge has already been completed at the discharge side. Retorted suction side is immediately before going on to the screen line of casing. While, the discharge side is under the discharge process, where the triangle port is opening gradually. Rotor A: Both of the suction and discharge sides are closed, and immediately before opening at the discharge side. Rotor B: The closing process has just been set out and is now closing gradually. While the discharge side is immediately before full opening by opening gradually. The shaded portions show openings of suction and discharge ports.[1]


The Rotary Blower TSS 32 by Taiko Kikai Industries Co., Ltd. has transformed the landscape of industrial air compression. Its cutting-edge technology, energy efficiency, and reliability have made it an indispensable component in industries that rely on air compression for various applications. Taiko Kikai Industries' commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability underscores its dedication to providing solutions that enhance industrial operations while minimizing environmental impact.


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