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SS815R/7C3372 CAT OR9851 air starter motor

Contact: SS815R/7C3372 CAT OR9851 air starter motor available for sale

For Sale as below:




Model: SS815R/7C3372



REF: 7C3372

Max pressure: 150 PSIG

Qty: 3 NOS

Test video on request.

We sale all types of marine air starters worldwide.


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SS815R/7C3372 CAT OR9851 air starter motor
For Sale: SS815R/7C3372 CAT OR9851 air starter motor
SS815R/7C3372 CAT OR9851 air starter motor
For Sale: SS815R/7C3372 CAT OR9851 air starter motor

Powering Up Heavy Machinery: The SS815R/7C3372 CAT OR9851 Air Starter Motor


In the world of heavy machinery and industrial equipment, reliable and powerful starters are essential to kickstart the engines that drive these massive operations. The SS815R/7C3372 CAT OR9851 Air Starter Motor is a top-of-the-line solution, renowned for its robustness, efficiency, and dependability. Developed by Caterpillar Inc., a global leader in construction and mining equipment, this air starter motor plays a critical role in igniting engines in a wide range of applications. This article explores the features, applications, and advantages of the SS815R/7C3372 CAT OR9851 Air Starter Motor, highlighting its significance in powering up heavy machinery.

1. Understanding the SS815R/7C3372 CAT OR9851 Air Starter Motor

The SS815R/7C3372 CAT OR9851 Air Starter Motor is a high-performance pneumatic starter designed for use in various industrial engines, particularly in the construction, mining, and marine sectors. As a Caterpillar product, this air starter motor embodies the company’s commitment to quality and engineering excellence.

2. Features and Technology

The SS815R/7C3372 CAT OR9851 Air Starter Motor boasts an array of features and cutting-edge technology, setting it apart as a superior solution for engine starting. Key features include:

a. Pneumatic Power: The air starter motor harnesses compressed air as a source of power, providing high torque output for reliable engine starting, even in adverse conditions.

b. Heavy-Duty Construction: Designed for robustness and durability, the SS815R/7C3372 CAT OR9851 is built to withstand harsh operating environments, ensuring a long service life with minimal maintenance requirements.

c. High Torque Output: The starter motor delivers substantial torque, enabling it to crank large engines effortlessly and efficiently.

d. Instant Reversibility: The air starter motor’s instantaneous reversibility enhances safety and operational flexibility, making it easy to stop and restart engines quickly as needed.

e. Low Noise Levels: With its pneumatic operation, the starter motor produces lower noise levels compared to traditional electric starters, creating a quieter and more comfortable work environment.

3. Applications and Industries

The SS815R/7C3372 CAT OR9851 Air Starter Motor finds widespread use across various industries, contributing to smooth operations and reliable engine starting. Some key applications include:

a. Construction Machinery: Heavy construction equipment, such as excavators, bulldozers, and wheel loaders, benefits from the air starter motor’s high torque output and robust construction.

b. Mining Equipment: Mining haul trucks, shovels, and drills rely on the air starter motor for quick and reliable engine ignition in demanding mining environments.

c. Marine Engines: In marine applications, the air starter motor is instrumental in starting large marine engines, ensuring smooth sailing and vessel maneuverability.

d. Oil and Gas Industry: The air starter motor finds usage in drilling rigs and oilfield equipment, powering up engines in remote and challenging oil and gas exploration sites.

e. Power Generation: The starter motor plays a role in backup and emergency power generation systems, providing reliable engine starting capabilities in critical situations.

4. Advantages of the SS815R/7C3372 CAT OR9851 Air Starter Motor

a. Reliability and Durability: The air starter motor’s robust construction and pneumatic operation contribute to its long-lasting performance in demanding industrial environments.

b. Improved Safety: Instant reversibility and controlled starting contribute to enhanced safety for operators and equipment.

c. Quick Engine Starting: The high torque output of the starter motor ensures rapid and efficient engine ignition, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.

d. Reduced Maintenance: With fewer moving parts compared to electric starters, the air starter motor requires minimal maintenance, resulting in cost savings and increased uptime.

e. Environmental Friendliness: The pneumatic operation of the starter motor reduces emissions and environmental impact compared to traditional electric starters.


In conclusion, the SS815R/7C3372 CAT OR9851 Air Starter Motor stands as a reliable and efficient solution for powering up heavy machinery in various industrial applications. With its robust construction, high torque output, and pneumatic operation, this starter motor ensures dependable engine starting and contributes to increased productivity and operational efficiency. As industries continue to rely on powerful and durable machinery, the SS815R/7C3372 CAT OR9851 Air Starter Motor remains an essential component in driving modern industrial processes forward.


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