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Shipping Worldwide: Gali Air Starter A47 L

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Maker: Gali

Item Name: Air Starter

Model: A47 L

We have many varieties of air pneumatic starter and electric starter available for various engines.


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Gali Air Starter A47 L
For Sale: Gali Air Starter A47 L

Gali A47 L: Air Starter Complete

The type A47 air starter is generally used for starting internal combustion engines of an approximate range of ratings of 1100 to 4400 kW (1500 to 6000 HP), although the suitability engine depends, in practice, on the engine capacity, number of cylinders and the ratio of the driving pinion to the flywheel ring gear.

The A47 is usually supplied with pinion and flange and does not need external lubrication. It is lubrication free.

Its high torque and resistance to the adverse atmosphere conditions (saline, humidity, extreme temperature,…) making it the most reliable starter to install in: power plant gent sets, gas turbines, propulsion engines, heavy-duty diesel engines.

Technical data for Gali Air Starter A47 L
Technical data for Gali Air Starter A47 L

Technical data for Gali Air Starter A47 L
Technical data for Gali Air Starter A47 L
Technical data for Gali Air Starter A47 L
Technical data for Gali Air Starter A47 L

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Gali Air Starter A47 L: Powering Engines Reliably and Efficiently


In industries reliant on powerful internal combustion engines, the ability to start these engines efficiently and reliably is paramount. The Gali Air Starter A47 L, designed and manufactured by Gali Group, is a robust and dependable solution for starting engines within the range of 1100 to 4400 kW (1500 to 6000 HP). Its high torque, resilience to adverse conditions, and maintenance-free design make it a top choice for a wide range of applications, from power plants to heavy-duty diesel engines. In this article, we will explore the features, applications, and advantages of the Gali Air Starter A47 L.

Understanding the Gali Air Starter A47 L

The Gali Air Starter A47 L is an air-powered starting system designed to initiate the operation of internal combustion engines efficiently. It is specifically tailored to engines within the power range of 1100 to 4400 kW (1500 to 6000 HP). This starter boasts a combination of high torque, durability, and adaptability that makes it a reliable choice for various applications.

Key Features

  1. Wide Engine Range: The A47 L is suitable for starting internal combustion engines within the specified power range, depending on factors such as engine capacity, cylinder count, and flywheel ring gear size.

  2. Complete Package: Typically supplied with both pinion and flange, this starter simplifies installation and does not require external lubrication, making it maintenance-free.

  3. High Torque: Its high torque output ensures efficient engine cranking, even in challenging conditions.

  4. Resilience: The A47 L is engineered to withstand adverse atmospheric conditions, including saline environments, humidity, and extreme temperatures, making it highly dependable.


The Gali Air Starter A47 L is widely used across various industries and applications:

  1. Power Plants: It is a vital component in power plant generator sets, ensuring the reliable starting of engines that provide backup power.

  2. Gas Turbines: The A47 L is employed to initiate gas turbines, which are integral in power generation and propulsion systems.

  3. Propulsion Engines: In marine applications, this starter is used for starting propulsion engines, essential for ship and vessel maneuverability.

  4. Heavy-Duty Diesel Engines: Its high torque output makes it a preferred choice for starting heavy-duty diesel engines in industrial and automotive settings.


  1. Reliability: The A47 L offers dependable engine starting, reducing the risk of downtime and ensuring critical systems are ready when needed.

  2. Maintenance-Free: Its lubrication-free design minimizes maintenance requirements, reducing operational costs.

  3. Adaptability: The starter can be tailored to various engine configurations, enhancing its versatility across industries.

  4. Resilience: Its ability to withstand harsh environmental conditions ensures uninterrupted engine starting, even in challenging settings.


The Gali Air Starter A47 L is a testament to reliability and efficiency in engine starting technology. By providing high torque output and resilience to adverse conditions, this starter is a trusted choice across a wide range of industries, from power generation to marine propulsion. Gali Group's commitment to quality, adaptability, and innovation underscores its dedication to providing air starters that meet the evolving needs of modern industrial and automotive applications.

Gali Air Starter A47 L
The Gali Air Starter A47 L

Gali Air Starter A47 L
Gali Air Starter A47 L

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