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For Sale: HANLA TMR-701T Tank Overfill Alarm Reed Switch

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ITEM NAME: Tank Overfill Alarm Switch







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HANLA TMR-701T Tank Overfill Alarm Reed Switch

HANLA TMR-701T Tank Overfill Alarm Reed Switch: Ensuring Safe Liquid Storage


In industries where the storage and handling of liquids are critical, ensuring the safety of tanks and reservoirs is paramount. The HANLA TMR-701T Tank Overfill Alarm Reed Switch is a cutting-edge solution designed to prevent potentially hazardous overfill incidents. With its advanced technology and precise operation, this reed switch plays a pivotal role in safeguarding industrial processes and the environment. This article explores the features, applications, and advantages of the HANLA TMR-701T Tank Overfill Alarm Reed Switch.

Unveiling the HANLA TMR-701T Tank Overfill Alarm Reed Switch

The HANLA TMR-701T Tank Overfill Alarm Reed Switch is a specialized device engineered to detect the rising liquid level within tanks and trigger alarms or shutdown processes when the predefined level is reached. It utilizes reed switch technology to provide reliable and accurate overfill protection.

Key Features

  1. Reed Switch Mechanism: The TMR-701T utilizes reed switches, magnetically operated switches, to detect the rising liquid level. These switches are known for their reliability and responsiveness.

  2. High Accuracy: The reed switch mechanism offers high precision in liquid level detection, ensuring timely and accurate overfill alarms.

  3. Adjustable Sensitivity: Users can often adjust the sensitivity of the reed switches to suit different liquid types, tank sizes, and specific application requirements.

  4. Remote Monitoring: The switch can be integrated with remote monitoring systems, allowing operators to receive alerts and take necessary actions even from a distance.

  5. Durable Construction: Designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions, the TMR-701T is built from materials that resist corrosion and wear.

  6. Visual and Audible Alarms: The switch often features both visual and audible alarms to ensure that overfill incidents are immediately recognized and acted upon.


The HANLA TMR-701T Tank Overfill Alarm Reed Switch is applicable in various industries:

  1. Chemical Storage: It helps prevent overfilling of chemical tanks, mitigating the risk of spills and environmental contamination.

  2. Oil and Gas Industry: The switch is critical in monitoring fuel storage tanks and preventing potential hazards associated with overflows.

  3. Water Treatment: It ensures proper water level control in treatment plants, preventing damage to equipment and ensuring safe water distribution.

  4. Petrochemicals: In petrochemical facilities, the switch safeguards against overfilling of tanks containing volatile substances.

  5. Industrial Processes: It is employed in various industrial processes where precise liquid level control is essential for safety and operational efficiency.


  1. Timely Alerts: The TMR-701T provides timely alarms when the liquid level approaches critical thresholds, enabling prompt corrective actions.

  2. Preventive Safety: Accurate overfill monitoring helps prevent costly and potentially hazardous overflows or underfills.

  3. Customizable Sensitivity: The switch's sensitivity can often be adjusted to match specific application requirements and liquid properties.

  4. Easy Integration: It can be seamlessly integrated into existing tank monitoring systems, reducing installation complexity.

  5. Durable and Reliable: HANLA's commitment to quality engineering ensures that the switch is built to withstand challenging environments and deliver reliable performance.


The HANLA TMR-701T Tank Overfill Alarm Reed Switch represents an essential component in liquid storage safety and management. By utilizing reed switch technology to offer precise and responsive overfill protection, this device aids industries in preventing hazardous incidents, reducing environmental impact, and ensuring efficient operations. HANLA's dedication to quality, adaptability, and performance underscores its commitment to delivering solutions that cater to the evolving needs of modern liquid storage safety applications.

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