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Worldwide Shipping: Kral Pump LEM-20.ABAF.00701

Contact: | Worldwide Shipping: Kral Pump LEM-20.ABAF.00701 | In Stock | We do supply Kral, IMO & other pumps

Type: LEM-20.ABAF.00701

SR: 488800

Condition: New 

KRAL AG. 8890 Lustenau Austria

We do supply various Kral, IMO & other pumps their repair kit seals also ship machinery, filters, engine helping tools, automation and general supply. 


More photos on request.

Since 1995, We are the stockist & we sale all types of marine engine parts & its spares, machinery, automation and other items.

If you have any questions or queries,

Feel free to contact us by phone or email and we will be sure to give a quick response from our side as soon as possible.

Phone: +917878780015
Kral Pump LEM-20.ABAF.00701
Worldwide Shipping: Kral Pump LEM-20.ABAF.00701
Kral Pump LEM-20.ABAF.00701
Worldwide Shipping: Kral Pump LEM-20.ABAF.00701
Features of Kral Pump LEM-20.ABAF.00701
  • High-Quality Pump: The Kral Pump LEM-20.ABAF.00701 is a high-quality pump designed for various industrial applications, including marine and oil and gas sectors.

  • Precise Engineering: This pump is the result of precision engineering, ensuring efficient and reliable operation.

  • Durability: Built to withstand demanding conditions, it's constructed from robust materials to ensure longevity and reliability.

  • Optimal Performance: The pump is engineered for optimal performance, offering consistent and efficient fluid transfer.

  • Versatile: Suitable for a wide range of applications, making it a versatile choice for industries requiring fluid handling.

  • Easy Maintenance: Designed with maintenance in mind, which reduces downtime and ensures cost-effective operation.

  • Adaptable Design: Its design often allows for customization to fit specific industry requirements or machinery configurations.

  • Kral's Reputation: Kral is a respected brand known for its commitment to producing high-quality and innovative pumps.

  • Cost-Effective: Its durability and low maintenance requirements contribute to overall cost-effectiveness.

  • Technical Support: Kral typically provides technical support and services to assist with installation and maintenance.

  • Environmental Compatibility: Designed to operate efficiently in various environmental conditions and applications.

  • Ease of Integration: Often designed for seamless integration into existing systems and machinery.

  • Compliance: The Kral Pump LEM-20.ABAF.00701 typically adheres to industry standards and regulations.

  • Flow Control: Known for precise flow control, making it suitable for various fluid handling tasks.

  • Industry Use: Commonly found in industrial processes where precise fluid transfer and flow control are essential.

  • Reliability: Kral's reputation is built on the reliability of its pumps, making it a trusted choice in various industries.

  • Advanced Technology: Often incorporates advanced technology for improved efficiency and performance.

  • Safety Features: May include safety features to protect both the equipment and the environment.

  • Innovative Design: Kral pumps are known for their innovative and efficient design.

  • User-Friendly: Typically designed with user-friendliness in mind, making operation and maintenance more straightforward.


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