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Объем поставки

We are supplier for ship engine parts & its spares, machinery, automation and general items.

We supply and export below items on regular basis of original maker products:

  • Main engine parts & spares for B&W SULZER MAN MITSUBISHI AKASAKA MAK series and all other makers.

  • Auxiliary engine parts & spares for YANMAR/DAIHATSU/WARTSILA/SULZER/ALLAN/VOLVO/CAT/GM and all other makers.        

  • Turbo chargers & spares for MITSUBISHI/ABB/MAN and other makers     

  • Complete Engine & D.G. SetCrankshaftEngine FrameCylinder Cove, Cylinder Liner, Piston, Connecting Rod, Piston Rod, Exhaust Valve and Seat, Fuel Pump, Camshaft, Water & Oil Pump

  • Oil purifiers, Air compressors, chilling compressor, Oily water separator & its filters/ PPM Monitors, Bilge pump, Hydraulic pump & Hyd. Items any type of makers and it types.

  • Injector tester or fuel valve test bench for any of the engine. (IOP MARINE OBEL-P PRODUCTS Denmark, HANMI MARINE Korea, L’orange, Nagano Japan, WooAm Korea, Diesel KIKI, ZEXEL, Bosch, akasaka, Mitsubishi)

  • High Pressure Hydraulic Pumps (IOP Marine, Goltens, Fujikin japan, Nagano Japan, SKF)    Helping tools, Engine indicator, Feeler gauge, Peak pressure gauge all makers available.  Brands: Leutert, Lemag, Viggo A. Kjaer, etc. All types of pressure gauges, Temperature, Rpm meter, etc.

  • Lashing material: For Container vessel : GERMAN LASHING, MacGregor, SEC Breman

  • Life boat its equipment & spare parts.

  • Governor, Governor motors & spares.

  • Oil Content Monitor [bilge alarm] ppm monitor & sensors.

  • Wildon pumps/helping tools items.

  • Wire Rope for crane

We are largest stockiest of filters for crane/ Hyd. filters /M/E filters /Generator filters /ows filters & other machinery filters for vessel, we have more than 1 lakh filters in ready stock.

Feel free to contact us for any questions or any kind of marine related requirements.

We do export worldwide at competitive & reasonable prices.

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